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E-SLIDE - Rolling Machines

Reduce manufacturing costs

Pee-Wee is a leading producer of High Precision Thread Rolling Machines and Tools. Since 2008 we are Producing E-slide machines. Our equipment is succesfully sold to our world wide customers. The main focus of the E-slide development is a machine with improved accuracy and precicion.

Up to 15 different feed speeds are possible during 1 forming operation. In-feed and Through feed is possible. We offer machines from 5tto120t forming force depending on your needs. Haug Pa Pens Ask for a detailed offer including all process data for your parts. In order to fulfill your highest requests for quality and profile accuracy we have developed a complete new backlash free drive system. Tolerances below 0,005 mm are met. All details of our design are focused on eliminating micro vibrations that influence the forming. As a result we can offer a repeating accuracy and flank precision for highest requirements.

Closed Loop Operation - Maximum Precision

Reduce your set-up time
Pee-Wee offers all E-Slide Rolling Machines with the ESP software. This tool calculates the needed pitch adjustment during set-up. The installed AC-Servo Drives then automatically turn the tools into right position.

In-house tool production
Pee-Wee has sold over 26.000 machines until today and every machine is delivered with a 20 years spare parts guarantee. We have installed E-Slide Rolling Machines for all kind of applications like Aeronautic, Automotive, Powertrain,Agriculture, ...
In combination with our in-house tool production we can react fast and have very short development times. The production of sample parts is possible on our showroom machines that are always available.

Maximum tool life
The optimisation of a max. tool life has been practiced within the last decades with our mayor customers. As a result of this team work we are able to supply tools with a superior performance

E-SLIDE - Rolling Machine

E-SLIDE - Rolling Machine

All manufacturer of high precision parts can profit from our developments. Especially for the rolling process of multiple start worms we have a lot of know-how to support your quality on base of an excellent forming process. Aeronautic parts are rolled in cold or hot condition without cracks. The profile tolerances meet all known requests. Re-rolling of pre-turned worms is also possible to avoid expensive heat treatments. Also special profile forms are available. We offer manual or fully automated machines, please ask for our Youtube video links