Process Thread Rolling

Thread and Profile Rolling belong to the chipless forming procedure. This technology is used for producing threads, worm gears and serrations on the outside of a round work piece which is axially symmetric. On the sur- face of the work piece a certain profile will be formed.

This is an extremely efficient chip - less forming process saving steel because of the absence of chips on the one hand. On the other hand you will receive an increase in the surface hardness . Based on the uninterrupted structure in the cold formed material you will receive a work piece of in- creased tensile strength.

Through-Feed System with 2 tools

Application:Standard threads, special threads, knurling, ball screws etc. medium to high accuracy

  • Production rate: 1 to 60 m / min
  • Work piece sizes: M2 upt to M 300 in standard or high tensile steel length up to 6000 mm
In-feed System with 2 tools

Application: Standard threads, special threads, knurling and serrations with medium to high accuracy

  • Production rates: 1 up to 300 Teile / min
  • Workpiece sizes: M2 bis M 300 in standard or high tensile steel
  • length of the thread/serration = width of the tool


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